Winning Sales Letters for Entertainers

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Sales letters for entertainers are important marketing tools for any Direct Marketing effort.

Direct marketing, as the name implies, is a form of marketing where you communicate straight with your client, customer or consumer. Among its practitioners, it is also referred to as Direct Response Advertising.

Characteristics of direct marketing are:

  • A targeted database of potential clients or prospects along with their contact info
  • Targeted marketing messages that are addressed directly to the potential clients or prospects
  • Direct marketing seeks to drive a specific “call to action.” For example, a call to action is for them to request for more info, watch a video or click on a link to a website.

Winning Sales Letters

Being able to write an effective sales letter or email is essential to secure show bookings. Here are four steps for a successful simple direct marketing campaign:

  • Keep the email simple, short and strong. You have only have seconds to grab the reader’s interest. Get to the point, from the subject line to the headlines to the message of your email. I recommend an email between ½ – ¾ of a page long or 400 words or less.
  • Make your message easy to “scan”. Don’t overwhelm readers with long paragraphs and lots of copy. Breaking up your email-marketing copy with punchy subheads, numbered and bulleted lists, and small bites of information will allow readers to quickly read it and grasp your main message.
  • Injecting personalized comments and information into marketing emails is very strong personal communication. So, personalize the email whenever possible. Address the prospect by their name and make it clear you are familiar with their work by complementing their success on a recent project. This is all information that you can find on the prospect’s social media or website.
  • Avoid using text, phrases, underlines, bolds and upper case fonts that will make your email look like spam.
  • Communicate a single message and a single call to action. As an artiste, you will likely be introducing yourself as well as your act. The single message should be what makes you different or why the prospect should book your act. Your call to action should be for the prospect to watch your video or visit your website.
  • Proofread, and proofread again. Although this may seem obvious, proofreading is often overlooked. And typos and inaccuracies in your email-marketing copy can hurt your credibility with prospects.

Here are two templates for sales letters for two different types of clients of entertainers that are likely to get you a response.

The first letter is for show bookers and agents. For entertainers, the term “agent” is used to refer to a broker or “middle man” between a client and the entertainer. An agent or show booker can be an entertainment agent, show producer or event organizer.

The second letter is for a direct client such as a venue or organization that books entertainment.

The approach, content and delivery are very different for each type of client. A show booker or agent is much more experienced in working with entertainers. They know what you want from them and they want to know if you are a fit for them. So, being direct and giving as much information as possible succinctly is the best approach.

Direct clients may have experience working with entertainers but need to be convinced that the acts or shows they choose fit their needs. They generally prefer an entertainer to be as self-contained as possible.


Effective Sales Email to an Agent, Show Booker or Event Producer

Subject: New (Type of Entertainer) from (Your Country/ City)

Dear Mr. Smith,

As a talent agent, I know you are always looking for quality acts for your clients.

(OR, if you are working off a referral)

One of your entertainers, Roger Jones, gave me your contact, as he thought I might be a good fit for your agency.

I am an (your art) entertainer from (your country/ city) but am available for shows internationally (or within a specific geographical region). I am particularly interested to work in (list specific markets or venues)

My acts/ show formats are as follows:

    • 8-minute specialty act
    • 20min show

Languages: (List languages that you can perform in or indicate if yours is a silent act)

You can watch a video of my signature act at (give video link) to see which clients of yours I could best serve.

Please reply to this email if you would like pricing info and technical riders.



John Doe
Entertainer Extraordinaire

Contact Number(s)
Email Address

Website – View my portfolio of work
Video Channel – Watch more videos here.

Effective Sales Email to a Venue or Organization That Books Entertainment

Subject: Unique & Fresh Live Entertainment for ABC Resorts

Dear Mr. Smith,

I’m contacting you because I offer an entertainment package that will give your target audience of family-oriented guests a memorable experience this coming holiday season.

My (your art) show will fit well with your current entertainment mix and activities such as (list existing entertainment and activities provided by the venue).

I have designed new acts for the upcoming season so you can be assured that the shows will be unique and fresh for ABC Resorts.

My pricing structure will also ensure you get the highest value for money possible with this level and quality of entertainment!

Please reply to this email and I will send you more details and a proposed entertainment program so you can quickly evaluate whether it would be worth your time to look into this.



John Doe
Entertainer Extraordinaire

Contact Number(s)
Email Address

Website – View my portfolio of work
Video Channel – Watch videos for my signature acts here.

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