How to Promote Your Website for Creatives

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Building your website and simply waiting for visitors to stumble upon your website is not an effective marketing strategy. I don’t even think it is a strategy. In a previous post, I write about how to optimize your website for Google. In this article, I offer 7 ways to promote your website for creatives.

Promote Your Website

Offline Tools

Offline tools refer to all your promotional material that is not on the Internet. This refers to your promo deck, business cards, letterheads, email signature, advertisements and direct marketing efforts (direct marketing is discussed here).

Any medium or opportunity where you can inform and direct traffic to your website should be utilized.

Promotion on Social Media

List your website on all your social media platform profiles and from time to time, post different pages of your site in your status updates. If you add new content to your website, share it on your social media channels.

Article Submissions

You can showcase your expertise as an artiste and offer value by writing articles on your art, industry or business. These articles can be submitted for free to article submission sites that publish your articles and distribute them to multiple sites. You can also contribute articles to popular bloggers. Not only does this help ‘distribute’ your name and knowledge, the online articles will be accompanied by back-links to your websites.

Online PR Submissions

There are a number of credible and effective websites that will submit your press releases to multiple sources for a fee. One such website is This automatically creates multiple ‘back-links’ to your website from credible websites with good search engine rankings.

Link Exchange

Create reciprocal links with complementing but non-competing businesses. This is another way to create ‘back links’ to your websites. Look for websites of business from complementing but non-competing businesses and send them an email request. You will naturally have to create a link to them from your website as well.

Presence in Discussion Boards & Forums

Participating in online forums with links in your signatures as well as in the content of your posts (where appropriate) can also help drive traffic to your website. Bear in mind, you should be actively contributing to the forum and offer value as a member and not just hawk your services.

Listings with Web Directories and Classifieds Web Sites

This is an obvious but slow process but should be done nonetheless. Look for directories that have categories that you can list in. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you might want to look for directories from writers, copywriters and authors. Take note that submissions can take as long as 2 – 3 months to be entered into the database

The Essential Search Engine Checklist

If you are a creative professional, whether full-time or part-time, or just someone who wants to make some extra cash with your hobby, a website is essential to sell your product or service, serve as a sales fulfilment platform or showcase your portfolio.

Just as important as it is to create a quality website with valuable content for readers, you need to ensure that your website is search engine-friendly or more importantly, “Google friendly”.

Backstage Business Academy contributor & SEO Specialist, Joseph Then, has written a checklist of essential things you need to do to ensure that your website is Google friendly and it is FREE for subscribers!

Search Engine Checklist 400



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