Professional Production Cue Sheets for Entertainers

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Professional production cue sheets for entertainers are required to ensure that the show’s technical production team can effectively support an act or show.

Here are templates for production cue sheets that I use for my illusion shows all over the world for events, showrooms, theatres and cruise ships.

Production Cue Sheets

If I do not have my own show caller to call the cues for my show, I will sit down with the different production managers, techs & crew to talk through the cues. I also encourage them to make them own notes to make the cues clearly for them to understand.

To reduce confusion, I only give the relevant cues to the different techs and crew. So the sound cues goes to the sound tech, the lighting cues goes to the lighting tech and the crew cues goes to the stage manager and stage crew. Only the production manager or show caller gets the master cue as a reference.

You can download the cue sheets by right-clicking (save link as) on the files below:

Master Cue Sheet
Sound Cue Sheet
Lighting Cue Sheet
Crew Cue Sheet
All Cue Sheets in a Zipped Folder

Feel free to edit the cue sheets as necessary and use them for your own show.


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