How to Sell a Handmade Product for Extra Income

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In this post, we will explore some specific ideas on how to sell a handmade product for extra income. If you make handcrafted items professionally or just as a hobby, you might want to consider selling them to earn extra money to create a cashflow hobby.

Assuming you have a handmade product that you can make and believe that there are people who will buy it, you will want to create an account on an established sales platform. This is the easiest and best way to get started fast.

An established sales platform is an existing online marketplace that you can use to sell your products to your hobby niche. It is self-contained and has the infrastructure for you to receive orders, receive payments, generate invoices, and order receipts. You also have a shop front to be able to showcase your products in the best possible way.

Examples of such platforms for physical products include eBay and Amazon. If you sell handmade items, is the world’s largest platform for handmade items.

Sell Handmade Product

Let’s take an example of a handmade product in the form of a collection of different accessories and jewelry.

One of the most important things to do in order to successfully sell your handmade product is to think about the packaging of your product.

Packaging is what sells a potential customer to buy the product. But remember, it is the quality of the product that will keep them coming back and also recommending your product.

There are two aspects of packaging. Aesthetic packaging and the value of the package in relation to price.

Let’s first talk about aesthetic packaging.

There are two components to aesthetic packaging. The first is common sense, so I’m sure you’ve already thought about that. That’s the physical packaging of your product. Does it come in a folder, a gift bag, a gift box? Is it wrapped with a ribbon? How attractive is it for someone to actually want to buy it?

Gift Box for Handmade Accessories to Sell

The second component of aesthetic packaging is how you present your product to your audience. This refers to photos, videos, a written description, and basically your overall product presentation.

Take beautiful photographs of these accessories and jewelry. You want to shoot them in a professional light box, at various angles, and make sure they look good. Don’t just shoot the accessories and jewelry in the normal light of a table lamp of your work desk. Add props or other items to create a setting for the accessories.

Handmade Jewellry for Extra Income

Aesthetic packaging can also refer to a cool video you that you shoot of the accessories and jewelry. Instead of a static video, you can have different good-looking people wearing the accessories interspersed with close-ups of your handmade jewelry.

The written text in the product description of each accessory is also part of the aesthetic packaging because it sells the jewelry. Here two tips on writing a good description:

  • Give the piece of jewelry a creative title. Rather than just calling it a a bracelet with semi-precious stones or even worst, giving it a product code like SKU 3421, give it a distinctive name that sells its unique value; such as “Jewels of the Mediterranean”. Give the accessory a descriptive title that sells it to a specific audience such as, “The Perfect Birthday Gift for a Best Friend” or “An Autumn Bracelet for a Romantic Evening Out”.
  • Give as much details and specifications of the product but attach each feature with a benefit. For example, if the bracelet is made from stainless steel, highlight the fact that it is long-lasting and it resistant to oxidation and discoloration from contact with oil from skin.

The value of the package, in relation to the price, refers to what the customer or client is actually getting for the money they’re paying. Are they getting a lot of value, or are they getting little value?

The central value, of course, is the piece of jewelry itself. How detailed and fine is the piece of jewelry? Does the clasp of the accessory look user-friendly and easy to use? Does the piece of jewelry look unique or off-the-shelf? Does the jewelry look much more expensive that it is priced at?

The value of the package, in relation to the price, can also be made up of value adds and bonuses that you can provide along with the basic product. For example, you might want to write, “If you buy this bracelet, I will give you a free handmade velvet pouch custom-embroidered with a name.”

Provide a certificate of authenticity, signed by you, the artist who made the piece of jewelry with each purchase. This adds even more value to the price they pay because now it sounds special. Maybe it’s a limited edition, so you have a 1 of 100 model. That adds value to your product from the perspective of the customer.

You might offer a discounted price if they buy two or three accessories at a time. This adds to the overall value of the package.

All the ideas discussed in this post can be used collectively to effectively sell your handmade product and make some extra cash.BBA Sub

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