Think BIG (Money)




Learn How to Transform Your Life & Career as a Live Entertainer!

Think BIG (Money)” is a small but powerful business and marketing book for musicians, comedians, variety artists and performers that will change how you think about generating your income as a live entertainer.

It will transform your mindset from being a gig-to-gig entertainer to developing into a business-oriented creative entrepreneur.

Discover how to make the mental leap from just wanting to book as many shows as possible to building a money-generating brand that dominates your niche market and sets you up for creating wealth.

The book also includes a bonus chapter on how to find and work with agents, show bookers and talent managers.

The book is written by headline entertainer, author & creative entrepreneur, J C Sum. His work provides him with a unique perspective from both sides of the creative business; both as a creative professional and as a client. He also draws on his two-decade experience in entertainment marketing to provide a different fish-eye view on how a creative of any type should be marketed.

Think Big (Money) for Live Musicians, Performers & Entertainers is an introduction to J C’s approach to building a successful live entertainment career that is expounded in his critically-acclaimed book “The Showbiz Master Plan: A Blueprint to Building a Successful Live Entertainment Career”.

The fundamental approach & strategy outlined in this book allows J C to currently earn a 6-figure income and have the luxury of performing fewer shows while maintaining a strong brand in the marketplace.

Note: If you own “The Showbiz Master Plan”, you do not need this book.

This book was written to benefit all types of entertainers such as Aerialists, Balloon Artistes, Bands, Circus Acts, Comedians, Contortionists, Dancers, Escape Artists, Face Painters, Hypnotists, Illusionists, Impersonators, Instrumentalists, Jugglers, Magicians, Mime Artists, Musicians, Singers, Variety Artists, Ventriloquists & Vocalists.