How to Start Making Money with Your Hobby

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You can make money from your hobby.

If that is news to you, then I’m glad you are reading this.

We all have a passion or a hobby. Chances are, if you have a hobby, you are passionate about it.

Your hobby could be artistic like painting, designing, photography or performing. Or it could be just an activity that brings you joy such as gardening, collecting items, playing sports or gaming.

Essentially, it is something you love and have passion for. You spend your free time and money learning more about your hobby and improving your skills or processes to get more satisfaction from your hobby.

There might come a point of time when you decide to make some money with your hobby. And that is perfectly fine! I think you should as it is a great activity and process.

The purpose could be to earn a bit of cash to fund your hobby, generate an additional stream of income or just get validation and satisfaction by the fact that people are willing to spend money on a product you sell.

Make Money with Hobby


If you think making money from your hobby appeals to you, the first thing you have to do is create a product related to your hobby that you can sell.

There are basically 3 things you can sell depending on your hobby.

  1. A Physical Product
  2. A Service
  3. An Information Product

A physical product is a tangible item such as a piece of art, something you make or a collectible. It could also be a tool or equipment for other hobbyists.

An example of a physical product I created and sell is a manual Kabuki Drop system. This is a theatrical curtain drop system used in theatre and events. (Yes, I designed this system as Kabuki Drops have been a side interest of mine for years. I know, I am weird.)

A service is intangible and you are trading your time, labour or expertise for money. Examples of a service include giving a performance, baking cakes for events, taking photos for someone, conducting workshops or drawing a commissioned sketch or providing consultancy on a specific subject.

As an illusionist, my show is my creative service and also currently my primary income generating product. A client books me to produce and stage illusion shows for their venue or event. And, of course, magic started out as a hobby for me.

An informational product is a teaching tool or educational product that teaches people how to do specific things. This can come in the form of a book, DVD or USB drive. Although now, digital products are more popular now. These include ebooks, instant downloads, streaming videos and online courses.

As an example, I produce a variety of information products. I cater to two markets for information products. One is specialty books, videos and courses for illusionists and performing artists sold on The Illusion Bookstore. And the other is the information products on Backstage Business Academy such as “The Showbiz Master Plan”.

To start making money with your hobby, you need to figure out what sort of product you can sell.

A lot will depend on your hobby but if you have been immersed in your hobby for some length of time, you will have a pretty good idea what type of product this could be and if you will be in a position to create it.

Regardless of the product you decide to sell, you need to ensure it is something that has value to your potential customer or client.

People will buy your physical product, service or information product only if there is value and it will benefit them.

Some questions to ask and research on include:

  • Is this exact product being currently offered to your target market?
  • Is there anything better about your product?
  • Is there anything different about product?
  • Do you intend to sell the product at a different price point?
  • Does it benefit a specific group of people that is not catered to presently?

If you can answer “yes” to at least one of those questions, you might have a winner.

If you go through this process, you have taken the first step in creating a product and making money with your hobby.

Don’t wait. Get creating, make money and be happy.


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