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Work Opportunities in Europe for Entertainers

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Are you an entertainer looking for work opportunities in Europe?

This is an exclusive interview with Sven Rindfleisch, a professional journalist, photographer, writer who has worked with circuses, varieties and in show business in Europe for more than ten years.

Palazzo Dinner Show

He discusses his view on work opportunities for entertainers in western Europe as well as highlights what is needed for international entertainers looking to perform in the different venues available to variety artistes.

One point he highlighted was the demand of acts over shows; a point I discussed in “Your Entertainer Career: Act or Show?”.

He is the chief editor of the well-known monthly German magazine “CircusZeitung”. He is also the founder of, the most popular online magazine for circus in Germany.


In these positions, he sees more than 40 circus and variety shows all around the world every year.

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Listen to the interview via audio stream below or got to Soundcloud to listen and download the interview here.

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To complement the interview, here are a list of venues, circuses, varieties and festivals that offer opportunities for entertainers.

Thanks to Sven Rindfleisch and Sebastian Ritcher for the list.

Circus (travelling shows)

    • Roncalli, Germany
    • Flic Flac, Germany (modern circus)
    • Krone, Germany
    • Arlette Gruss, France
    • Cirque Phenix, France
    • Arena, Denmark
    • Dannebrog, Denmark
    • Benneweis, Denmark
    • Nemo, Denmark
    • Brazil Jack, Sweden
    • Maximum, Sweden
    • Finlandia, Finland
    • Arnado, Norway
    • Alexandré Bouglione, Belgium
    • Hungarian National Circus
    • Knie, Swiss
    • Nock, Swiss
    • Herman Renz, Netherland
    • Medrano, Italy
    • Moira Orfei, Italy
    • Mundial, Spain

Circus (buildings)

    • Krone, Munich/Germany
    • Cirque d’hiver, Paris/France
    • State Circus Hungary building
    • Circul Globul (State Circus Romania)

Christmas Circus

    • Weltweihnachtscircus Stuttgart/Germany
    • Carre Theater, Amsterdam/Netherland
    • Kerstcircus, Eindhoven/Netherland
    • Kerstcircus Ahoi, Netherland
    • Weihnachtscircus, Heilbronn/Germany
    • Weihnachtscircus, Karlsruhe/Germany
    • Weihnachtscircus, Krefeld/Germany
    • Weihnachtscircus, Gelsenkirchen/Germany
    • Circolo, Freiburg/Germany
    • Flic Flac Christmasshows, Germany
    • Salto Natale, Swiss
    • Conelli, Swiss
    • Imperial Shows France
    • Cirque de Noel Bouglione, Nanterre/France
    • Cirque de Noel Bouglione, Le Bourget/France
    • Tempodrom (Roncalli), Berlin/Germany

Dinner shows

    • Palazzo Theaters, Germany, Netherland, Austria
    • Da Capo, Darmstadt/Germany
    • Sarrasani, Dresden/Germany
    • Panem et Circenses, Essen/Germany


    • GOP Theaters Germany
    • Tiger Palast, Frankfurt/Germany
    • Hansa Theater, Hamburg/Germany
    • Apollo, Düsseldorf/Germany
    • Friedrichsbau, Stuttgart/Germany
    • Neues Theater Höchst, Frankfurt/Germany
    • Wintergarten, Berlin/Germany
    • Etcetera, Bochum/Germany (tent)


    • Lido, Paris/France
    • Moulin Rouge, Paris/France
    • Crazy Horse, Paris/France
    • Royal Palace, Kirrwiller/France
    • Friedrichsstadtpalast, Berlin/Germany


    • Monte Carlo Circus Festival, Monaco
    • Budapest Circus Festival, Hungary
    • Cirque de demain, Paris/Frankreich
    • Festival “City of Latina”, Italy


The next step is to find agents that can book you for the above venues in Europe. For that, check out my article on “How to Find Agents for Entertainers”.

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